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.Never s▓ay again you cannot do a thing!” He spoke● so solemnly that I was greatly impr▓essed; and, many times in my li●fe when things have risen up before me whi▓ch have seemed quite be

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  • ce, but all● the time.His digestion was weak, and day afte●r d
  • ay, when we had such delicious thing▓s, shrimp, fish, and rice-
  • bird●s, and coots, and green corn, and ▓lima beans, I
  • saw him dine on a plate o●f milk-and-rice,


  • or a plate of soup
  • with all t●he deli
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  • cious okra and tomatoes and be●ans strained out.But he never talked o▓f it, nor did it make him cross.He was specia▓lly tender and gentle to us all this time.On▓e day he asked me to do somet●hing and I answered: “
  • Papa, I do▓n’t know how, I can’t do it.” And he ▓laid his hand on my shoulder a●nd said: “Don’t ever say that, my daug●hter.God has given it to you that whenever you ●put your whole self to accompli●sh anything you will succ

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